August 23, 2019

Disabled war veteran dies in roller coaster fall

A disabled US Iraq war veteran has fallen to his death from a 63m high roller-coaster, bringing a tragic end to a triumphant rehabilitation from horrific injuries. US Army Sergeant James Hackemer, 29, a double amputee, fell from the Ride of Steel roller-coaster at the Darien Lake Theme Park & … [Read more...]

Triple bombings kill dozens in Baghdad marketplace

In Iraq, three wooden carts loaded with explosives have been detonated in a busy Baghdad marketplace killing at least 25 people and injuring up to 100 more. The Shurt al-Raba market is in the south of the city,and the area was crowded with shoppers at the time. One witness said "I was on my … [Read more...]

Acclaimed Filmmaker Tim Hetherington killed in Libya

Acclaimed British photojournalist and documentary maker Tim Hetherington, has been killed while filming in the beseiged Libyan City of Misrata. Misrata has been under seige by forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi for more than seven weeks, and the humanitarian situation has become dire. A … [Read more...]

Aircraft Carrier for sale online – Aircraft not included

The British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal has been put up for sale on the Ministry of Defence's auction website Interested bidders are being invited to view Ark Royal at her home port, Portsmouth Naval Base, on 3 and 4 May, and final bids in by 13th June 2011. Before they can … [Read more...]

Obama says US backing out of Libya command role

US President Barack Obama says the United States will transfer out of its command role in the UN operation in Libya "within days". Mr Obama, speaking in Chile where he is on a hand shaking mission, was quick to point out past events in Iraq and Afgahnistan when the US had acted "unilaterally and … [Read more...]

Bradley Manning facing death penalty over WikiLeaks charges

The US Army has brought 22 new charges against Private Bradley Manning, a former intelligence analyst accused of leaking thousands of classified military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks. One of the charges - 'aiding the enemy' carries the death sentence. But prosecutors would not say who … [Read more...]

Bahrain protest numbers increasing

Thousands of protesters are occupying Pearl Square at the centre of the Bahrain capital of Manama. There have been three days of anti-government rallies with a core of protesters camped overnight and their numbers swelling during the day. After initial clashes with security forces that left … [Read more...]

US Federal Reserve to inject $900 Billion

The US Federal Reserve has announced it will attempt to stimulate growth by pumping up to $900 billion into a sluggish American economy. With lacklustre consumer spending, businesses have been reluctant to hire and the economy has hardly grown at all. Inflation is low, interest rates are low. … [Read more...]

Condoleezza Rice admits mistakes after Iraq invasion

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice thinks mistakes were made in the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq. Rice acknowledged a failure to focus rebuilding efforts throughout the country and attributed the problem to a lack of understanding. "I think we put too much emphasis on Baghdad and … [Read more...]

US Combat Troops Exit Iraq

The last American combat brigade in Iraq has left the country. The 4,000 strong 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division began crossing by convoy into Kuwait early on Thursday the US military has announced. This brings an early end to combat operations, which were scheduled to finish on 31st … [Read more...]

Obama confirms US troop withdrawl from Iraq

US President Barack Obama has confirmed the end of all combat operations in Iraq by 31 August. I hope they have told the militants because it would be a bit embarrassing if the US forces stopped fighting but the insurgents kept going. Of the 65,000 US troops currently stationed in Iraq, 50,000 … [Read more...]