June 16, 2019

Julia Gillard tumbles in India

Did anyone even know that Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in India? Well now the whole world knows thanks to a cunning piece of athleticism on camera. It was just another day in India. Honour guard soldier returning home. Mrs Honour Guard soldier:  "did you have a nice day dear"? Mr … [Read more...]

Top secret Obama visit plan found in Canberra street

A secret manual describing Barack Obama's Australian visit schedule down to the minute, as well as the breakdown of his security convoy and the mobile numbers of dozens of senior US and Australian officials, has been found by the Sydney Morning Herald lying on a Canberra street yesterday morning. … [Read more...]

Australian soldier shot dead in Southern Afghanistan

General David Hurley, the Chief of the Australian Defence Force has announced that an "experienced and decorated" Australian soldier has been killed and another seriously injured in a firefight with Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan. Sergeant Todd Langley, 35, from the 2nd Commando … [Read more...]

Julia Gillard popularity at an all time low

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has sunk below Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister for the first time in a poll out today. She can now claim the title of the most unpopular modern prime minister since Paul Keating sunk in the mud. Dissatisfaction with Ms Gillard has leapt to a high … [Read more...]

Abbott shows “regret” over Gillard abuse posters

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has expressed regret for speaking at an anti-carbon tax rally in Canberra that featured abusive language and placards about Prime Minister Julia Gillard. After his tacit endorsement of the protesters message, upon reflection Abbott said "I think a few people … [Read more...]

Defiant Keneally launches Labor campaign

New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally launched Labors campaign at the Western Suburbs League Club yesterday. Keneally was flawless in presentation and content but the wiff of death still hangs over her party. Before 300 of the Labor faithful, Keneally was defiant proclaiming ''I'm going to … [Read more...]

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd split over no-fly zone

Austrlia Prime Minister Julia Gillard has split with her Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd over calls for a no-fly zone in Libya to assist anti-Gaddafi rebels there. Kevin Rudd has been in Middle East for the last week trying to drum up support for a no-fly zone. Julia Gillard has now come out and said … [Read more...]

Gillard and Abbott – the new hit Afghan tv soap

My Number two daughter is an avid fan of Aussie tv soap opera Home and Away. There are times when I am writing in the same room when she is watching the painful slow pace of life in Summer Bay unfold. I notice in Summer Bay they still seem to be dealing with the same issues that I used to see on the … [Read more...]

Labor rules – Julia Gillard wins two seat majority

After 17 days of uncertainty the Australia Labor Party has won the support of the two remaining independent MPs to form a minority government. Independent MP's, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, announced their decisions separately, with Oakeshott being the last to signal his position to back Julia … [Read more...]

Gillard two seats away from Government as Wilkie sides with Labor

Julia Gillard needs two more seats to form a minority government after Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie turned down a $1 billion hospital offer from Tony Abbott. All that remain in the undecided camp are the three rural independent MP's, with the Green's already siding with Labor earlier in … [Read more...]

First Aboriginal MP elected in Australia

Ken Wyatt has become the first indigenous Aboriginal to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives. The Liberal candidate has won the seat of Hasluck in Western Australia in the Federal Elections. Some voters are apparently upset that such a thing has happened and sent Mr. Wyatt … [Read more...]

Australian Parliament ‘hung’

The Australian elections have resulted in a deadlock for the first time in 70 years. Guy Fawkes tried to blow his up, but the Aussie have been more hands-on and hung their parliament. Both sides will be hoping that special votes will produce a winner otherwise the independent MP's will be … [Read more...]

Gillard rules out campaigning with Rudd

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she and predecessor, Kevin Rudd, will not be campaigning alongside each other before election day. Ms Gillard said she had spoken with Mr Rudd about his involvement in the campaign during talks in Brisbane today. "Kevin and I sat down this morning … [Read more...]

Aussie Election campaign gets interesting as the ‘real’ Julia rides into town

For a while Julia Gillard and the Labor party were in control and calling the shots. They set the election on their own terms and enjoyed a healthy lead in the polls. All they had to do was a 'paint by numbers' campaign. Julia Gillard refused to sign up for a second televised leaders debate. Now … [Read more...]