November 16, 2018

French woman hostage in Somalia dies

Marie Dedieu, a French woman kidnapped from Kenya by Somali gunmen earlier this month has died, according to French officials. Diplomats said they were told of Marie Dedieu's death by contacts through whom they had been negotiating her release. The exact date and circumstances of her death are … [Read more...]

Olympic marathon champion dies in fall

Kenyan Olympic marathon champion Sammy Wanjiru died early Monday after jumping from a balcony, police said. John Mbijiwe, the police chief in Kenya's Central Province, said initial information indicated 24-year-old Wanjiru died after jumping from a balcony at his Rift Valley home, but the death … [Read more...]

Kate Middleton and Prince William to marry

Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton have announced their engagement. Apparently he asked her in Kenya a few weeks ago and gave her Princess Diana's ring. If you have been living on Mars, Princess Diana is Williams late mummy. As there is wall to wall Kate and Wills coverage at the … [Read more...]