September 17, 2019

Amy Winehouse death caused by excess alcohol – Coroner report

Amy Winehouse's death at her home in Camden, North London on 23 July was the result of the singer drinking too much alcohol, a coroner has said. A verdict of misadventure was recorded into the 27-year-old's death after an inquest heard she was more than five times the drink-drive limit. St Pancras … [Read more...]

UBS rogue trader arrested – $2 billion missing

Swiss bank UBS says one of its traders has lost it around US$2 billion in unauthorised deals, with police in London arresting 31-year old Kweku Adoboli in connection with the case. Adoboli - a director of exchange traded funds and "Delta 1" working in the bank's London office, according to his … [Read more...]

David Cameron says police tactics for riots were wrong

British Prime Minister David Cameron says that the police have admitted they got their riot tactics wrong when faced with mass looting in London and other cities in England. David Cameron told MPs the riots in cities across England were "criminality pure and simple", but there were "far too few … [Read more...]

Sacked ‘kissing’ manager sues Microsoft

A former Microsoft UK manager fired over a kissing incident with a colleague at a conference is suing Microsoft in a London court. Simon Negus, a partner and general manager at Microsoft's UK was dismissed in September 2010 and is now chief operating officer of Upstream Systems. Microsoft … [Read more...]

Riots in Tottenham after Mark Duggan shooting protest

Hundreds of people have rioted in the North London suburb of Tottenham overnight, throwing petrol bombs and setting police cars and buildings. About 300 people gathered outside the police station on the High Road after demonstrators demanded "justice" over the fatal police shooting of 29-year-old … [Read more...]

British teen killed by Polar Bear in Norway

A polar bear has mauled a young British tourist to death and seriously injured four others in a remote area of Norway. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the group were with the British Schools Exploring Society. The governor's office in Svalbard district confirmed four … [Read more...]

Rebekah Brooks arrested by UK police as Met Chief resigns

Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Rupert Murdoch's UK newspaper business, News International, has been arrested by UK police investigating allegations of phone hacking and bribery of police. Brooks now faces charges of conspiring to intercept communications and corruption allegations, thought to … [Read more...]

“Eurozone will collapse” – Jack Straw

Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has predicted the collapse of the eurozone and urged the United Kingdom to consider the "alternatives" as the Greek debt crisis worsens. Straw speaking inthe UK parliament as MP's discussed the latest bailout of Greece, said the euro was facing a "slow … [Read more...]

Elisabeth Murdoch pays $194,000 for a cardboard box

Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of Rupert Murdoch has won a charity auction for a cardboard medical box that was supposed to be signed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Elisabeth made her winning bid at a charity dinner in London last week hosted by ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) which was … [Read more...]

Tunisia defends controversial tourist adverts

Tunisia has defended a controversial advertising campaign designed to attract tourists back to the North African country following its January revolution. Billboards have appeared in London of a woman getting a massage, next to the words: "They say that in Tunisia some people receive … [Read more...]

Cameron Diaz ‘bonds’ with Prince Harry

Cameron Diaz has been 'bonding' with Prince Harry in recent weeks at an exclusive London gym. The Hollywood actress, has reportedly formed a friendship with Britain's Prince Harry after bumping into the royal in a private members' studio in South Kensington. Cameron Diaz, 38, is in London … [Read more...]

Prince William and Catherine moving into their new home

Prince William and Catherine Middleton will soon be moving into their new home at Kensington Palace, in London. Kensington Palace where William and Harry lived with their mother Princess Diana following her 1996 divorce from Prince Charles. William and Harry also shared space in the Palace … [Read more...]

Two NZ drug smugglers arrested in Japan

Two New Zealanders have been arrested at Narita airport in Japan for allegedly trafficking the drug Methamphetamine. A 26-year-old man and 25-year-old woman travelled to Tokyo on the 17th May on a Thai airways flight from Bangkok, Thailand. They were arrested after 1-2 kilograms of drugs were found … [Read more...]

Teen hitman kills young woman for $300

Gulistan Subasi opened the door of her London flat hoping her son was coming to visit her. Instead 15 year-old schoolboy Santre Sanchez Gayle was there and blasted her at point blank range with a sawn-off shotgun. As Ms Subasi lay dying in her mothers arms, Gayle calmly got in a taxi and left. … [Read more...]

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry – engagement speculation mounts

In the afterglow of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding, speculation is mounting about another possible royal engagement between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy. Harry and Chelsy's relationship has followed a similar path to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A long term relationship … [Read more...]