August 26, 2019

Prostitutes found living in Mexican prison

A surprise inspection in a prison in Mexico has revealed the presence of 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma televisions, two sacks of marijuana, and 100 cockerels for cock fighting. The discovery in the prison in Acapulco came as police prepared to transfer the inmates to a maximum security jail. … [Read more...]

Storms cause devastation in Central America

A tropical depression storm pounding Central America has triggered floods and landslides that have left at least 18 people dead, officials say. In Guatemala, at least 13 people were reported killed with four victims in Nicaragua and one in El Salvador. Guatemala issued a "red alert" and … [Read more...]

Mexican police arrest drug cartel hitman

Mexican forces have arrested Noel Salgueiro Nevarez, a senior figure in the Sinaloa drug cartel's operations in the northern state of Chihuahua. The army said he was seized in a carefully planned military operation, without a shot being fired. Couldn't they have fired at least one shot? Into … [Read more...]

Honda to open massive car factory in Mexico

Japanese car maker Honda is planning to build a massive factory in Mexico to manufacture small cars for the North American market. The Mexican plant in Guanajuato State, will cost $800m to build, and will employ around 3,200 workers producing up to 200,000 cars a year. Honda also says it is … [Read more...]

Key Zetas drug cartel members arrested in Mexico

The Mexican military says it has arrested Valdemar Quintanilla Soriano, the alleged number two financial operator of the Zetas drug cartel. He was captured along with fellow Zetas suspect, Jose Guadalupe Yanez Martinez, in the northern city of Saltillo in Coahuila state. Police say weapons and … [Read more...]

Mexico drug cartel leader ‘confesses’ to 1500 murders

Mexican police say a suspected cartel leader Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez who was arrested on Friday has confessed to ordering the murder of 1,500 people in northern Chihuahua state. Acosta Hernandez, 33, is linked to the Juarez cartel and suspected of being the brains behind the attack on a US … [Read more...]

Pacific hurricane Dora upgraded to category 4

Pacific hurricane Dora has strengthened to a Category 4 storm on Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 135 mph. The National Hurricane Center says heavy swells are expected along Mexico's Pacific coast."These swells are likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions," the … [Read more...]

Massive Marijuana plantation found in Mexico

Mexican soldiers have found the largest marijuana plantation ever discovered in Mexico. The crop is spread over several fields and covers 120 hectares. The plantation is four times larger than the previous record holder of the biggest dope plantation in Mexico which was located in Chihuahua State … [Read more...]

Man caught after wife tried to smuggle him out of prison in suitcase

A woman in Mexico has been caught trying to sneak her common-law-husband out of prison in a suitcase following a conjugal visit. Staff at the prison in Chetumal, Mexico noticed that the woman seemed nervous and was pulling a black, wheeled suitcase that looked bulky, police said. Prison guards … [Read more...]

One American dead, 7 people missing after tourist boat capsizes

The US Coastguard and Mexican authorities are searching the sea off Mexico's Baja California peninsula for up to eight people missing following the capsizing of a tourist boat. The Erik was carrying more than 40 people, but uncertainty of how many were on the boat is hampering the search efforts. … [Read more...]

Tropical Storm Arlene hits Mexico leaving 17 dead

The death toll in Mexico from Tropical Storm Arlene has risen to 17 with thousands of people made homeless. The storm struck on Thursday and its effects were felt for several days.The death toll was expected to rise as investigators worked to confirm reported incidents in the state of Oaxaca. … [Read more...]

French finance minister Christine Lagarde named IMF chief

French finance minister Christine Lagarde, 55, has been named as head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn. She is the first woman to head the IMF and was in a head to head race with Mexico's central bank governor, Agustin Carstens. IMF heavyweights Russia … [Read more...]

US agents told to let Mexico drug cartels buy US weapons

US agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) were ordered to let hundreds of guns be purchased by Mexican drug cartels as part of a 'sting' called Operation Fast and Furious. No - Vin Diesel was not involved. Lawmakers from the US House of Representatives Oversight … [Read more...]

Gunmen kill 11 people at Mexico drug rehab centre

Gunmen have attacked a drugs treatment centre in northern Mexico, killing 11 people and injuring two others. Police said at least two armed men burst into the rehab centre in Torreon, in Coahuila state, and opened fire. On Tuesday afternoon, gunmen in at least two vehicles drew up at La … [Read more...]

Police capture homemade tank in Mexico drug raid

Mexican police have seized a homemade tank during a raid on the notorious Zetas drug cartel in Western Mexico. Three people were killed in the raid. The tank has been dubbed "The Monster" by police. It has room for 20 people and its armour plating is capable of stopping bullets and resisting … [Read more...]