March 26, 2019

Phil Goff rules out working with Harawira’s Mana Party

New Zealand Labour Party leader Phil Goff has ruled out working with anyone in Hone Harawira's new Mana Party. Mr Harawira a former Maori Party MP, left the Maori Party in February after being suspended from caucus for criticising its involvement in government policy. Harawira launched the … [Read more...]

MP Darren Hughes career over following sex complaint

Labour party MP Darren Hughes is facing the end of his political career regardless if he is charged with sex offences or not. NZ police are investigating a complaint of a 'sexual nature' by an 18 year old male, and have interviewed Hughes several times over the alleged incident. Hughes had … [Read more...]

Act Party Coup – Heather Roy faces the chop

New Zealand ACT Party MP Heather Roy's deputy leadership role is on the line at the party caucus meeting today. Act Party caucus meetings are a cosy affair with only five MP's if everyone shows up. Things have been a bit awkward since the end of last year when Heather Roy made noises via her … [Read more...]

Blog: Chris Carter – Remember the days of the old school yard?

Well he was the Minister of Education when Principal Helen was in charge, and there have been a lot of games of chase, bull rush, passing notes in class, suspensions, missing lunch money, general playground bitchiness and probably some canings behind closed doors over the last few weeks. So I am … [Read more...]