June 16, 2019

Gareth Morgan trying to kill off Phoenix fans along with cats

Fresh from pointing his verbal gun at cats in New Zealand, Wellington Phoenix football club co-owner Gareth Morgan has shifted his sights to the loyal Phoenix fans. Morgan used to be known as an economist. Then he became better known as the dude who sired Trademe founder Sam Morgan. Gareth reaped … [Read more...]

Giant dust storm sweeps across Arizona

A giant dust storm 160km wide and 1.6 kilometres high, has swept across the US State of Arizona on Tuesday propelled by 100 kilometres per hour winds. The storm moved through the state around dusk on Tuesday, halting airline flights, knocking out power for thousands, turning swimming pools into … [Read more...]

Tammy Banovac Strips down for Oklahoma Airport Security

Tammy Banovac sat in a wheel chair wearing only her underwear and a poodle. The security officers at Oklahoma City Airport didn't really know how to handle it. When faced with such dilemmas security men revert to type and won't let someone through who is not behaving like everyone else. Tammy … [Read more...]

Rescue of trapped Chile miners to begin in 24 hours

The rescue attempt to extract the 33 trapped Chile miners is set to begin within 24 hours. The miners will be brought to the surface in a capsule called Phoenix starting at midnight Tuesday (local time). A test of the rescue capsule has been carried out successfully, descending almost the … [Read more...]