July 19, 2019

Anders Behring Breivik claims he is part of a network

Norway gunman and bomber Anders Behring Breivik claimed in an Oslo court appearance today that he has an active network of accomplices. He did not however get his chance to preach from the stand as a judge cut him short once he had got a plea from him. Behring Breivik has now been remanded in … [Read more...]

Man hides in suitcase to ‘burgle’ coach passengers

Spanish police have arrested two men after breaking a burglary scam on the Barcelona Airport coaches. One of the men would put a suitcase containing the other man into the luggage compartment of Barcelona's Girona airport coaches. During the 90 minute round trip the man would raid coach … [Read more...]

President Obama off to find his ‘roots’ in Ireland

US President Barack Obama is on his way to the Republic of Ireland, the starting point for his week long tour of Europe. Like a cheap coach trip holiday, Obama is packing in Ireland, The United Kingdom, France and Poland in his seven days. Just for added excitement he is going to attend a … [Read more...]

Nazi death camp guard convicted then released

The trial of Sobibor, concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk in Germany has ended in controversy with his conviction and immediate release. 91 year-old Demjanjuk was found guilty for his role in the killing of 28,000 Jews in the Sobibor Nazi death camp during World War Two. Holocaust … [Read more...]

John Paul II beatified: one million attend vatican event

The late Pope, John Paul II, has been officially beatified by Pope Benedict XVI at a ceremony at the Vatican in front of hundreds of thousands of Catholic pilgrims in St Peter's Square. Beatifiation is he last stage before sainthood, in the Roman Catholic Church. John Paul II died only six … [Read more...]

Michael Klim confirms comeback for London Olympics

Australian swimmer Michael Klim is returning to competitive swimming with a view to competing at the London 2012 Olympics. The double Olympic gold medalist was responding to media reports that he had been secretly undertaking a full training schedule. Klim claimed the "fire in the belly had … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga claims new album is “greatest album of the decade”

Lady Gaga has told fans at a concert in Poland that her upcoming album, Born This Way, is going to be “the greatest album of this decade.” In a tearful speech to the audience she said “I don’t know what to say.” (it probably would have been a good idea to stop there then). "Thank you so much. I … [Read more...]