September 17, 2019

Obama v Romney Debate

The US Presidential election - Romney v Obama. A choice between Barack Obama - a guy that said all the right things but didn't always put the words into action. Or Mitt Romney. Yes America forgets very quickly what having a right winger in the White House means for the average citizen. Out here … [Read more...]

Cristina Fernandez wins Argentina President primary vote

Current Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner looks set to win a second term in office after easily beating her rivals in a primary election on Sunday. Ms Fernandez won more than 50% of the vote - which is enough to win outright in the first round presidential election in October. … [Read more...]

Rick Perry to seek Republican 2012 presidential nomination

Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to join the race to become the Republican presidential nominee for the 2012 election. Mr Perry is expected to announce his candidacy in Iowa on Saturday. A spokesman said Mr Perry would make his intentions "very clear". Rick is doing the Iowa thing as eight … [Read more...]

Michele Bachmann might be Palin with brains

Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann has announced her bid for the Republican nomination for the United States presidential elections in 2012. Michele Bachmann, 55, is a favourite of the conservative Tea Party movement. Being born in Iowa will be handy with the Republican caucases kicking … [Read more...]

Donald Trump ditches White House bid

Billionaire real estate magnate and television personality Donald Trump says his unofficial campaign for the White House in 2012 is over. The announcement comes hot on the heels of Mike Huckabee's withdrawl on the weekend. Of course neither candidate has been influenced in the slightest by … [Read more...]

500 die after presidential elections in Nigeria

The Nigerian human rights group - Civil Rights Congress, claims more than 500 people died after the presidential elections in early April. They claim most of the violence was in the northern state of Kaduna, and the casualty count may be higher than their current estimate. Most of northern … [Read more...]

Putin wants more babies

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced plans to reverse Russia's declining population. In a major speech in the Duma, that was broadcast live to the nation, Putin says the government is going to spend $53 billion on initiatives to raise the birth rate and increase life … [Read more...]

Donald Trump cranks up presidential bid

Property billionaire Donald Trump is taking advantage of his wealth and endless supply of media friendly quotes to hog the airwaves and give momentum to his possible bid for the White House in 2012. Trump is not fussy who he takes aim at. President Obama is an obvious target but Donald has also … [Read more...]

Minsk metro blast kills 11 – hundreds injured

A blast in the metro system in the Belarus capital, Minsk has killed 11 people and injured hundreds of others. Witnesses said there was a flash and a bang as passengers got off a train which had just pulled into the Oktyabrskaya metro station in the city centre. Part of the stations roof is … [Read more...]

Martelly wins Haiti presidential vote

Preliminary results in Haiti's presidential election show that musician Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly has won the runoff vote against former first lady Mirlande Manigat. The 20th March runoff vote had a high voter turnout and was largely peaceful. There were major concerns over the electoral … [Read more...]

Barack Obama announces re-election bid for 2012

US President Barack Obama has announced he will stand for re-election in the 2012 presidential elections. Mr Obama's campaign team released a video on his website today and sent an e-mail to supporters announcing his plans. In his e-mail, Mr Obama said the campaign would start small and grow … [Read more...]

Medvedev says Putin Libya “crusade” comment “unacceptable”

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's description of the UN resolution on Libya saying it resembled "medieval calls for crusades," is "unacceptable." Russia abstained from the vote on the United Nations Security Council resolution, to establish a no-fly zone in … [Read more...]

Haiti ex-leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide returns home

Former Haiti leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide has left behind seven years of exile in South Africa to return to home. He is expected in Port-au-Prince early on Friday, which is only two days out form the presidential elections. Mr Aristide, was a left-wing leader who was forced to flee in 2004 as … [Read more...]

Ivory Coast Protesters shot by army

Four people have been shot dead during a protest march in the Ivory Coast capital, Abidjann. The march was protesting about the killing of seven female demonstrators last week at a pro-Ouattara rally. The shooting has believed to be the work of army officers supporting disputed President Laurent … [Read more...]

Marine Le Pen tops French Presidential poll rating

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has come out on top in an online opinion poll conducted by Le Parisien newspaper. The National Front leader would win the first round of next years presidential elections if the poll was translated into votes. The poll has caused shock in French political … [Read more...]