June 27, 2019

Rebecca Leighton cleared of murder allegations

British nurse Rebecca Leighton who spent six weeks in custody after being charged in relation to the death of a number of patients through contaminated saline. Proceedings against Rebecca Leighton, 27, were discontinued on Friday as the probe into the tampering of medical products at Stepping … [Read more...]

‘Party’ nurse Rebecca Leighton murder tally rises to five

Rebecca Leighton, the 'party' nurse has seen the death toll from her alleged hospital murder spree rise to five overnight. Two more patients have died at Stepping Hill Hospital near Manchester, where detectives believe saline solution was deliberately contaminated with insulin. The 27-year-old … [Read more...]

“Party Girl” nurse arrested after hospital deaths

British detectives have arrested 26-year-old nurse, Rebecca Leighton on suspicion of murder over the deaths of three hospital patients given insulin-contaminated saline solution. Rebecca Leighton worked at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, where police were alerted last week to a batch of … [Read more...]