February 23, 2019

Wikileaks reveals “carve up” of Arctic resources

Wikileaks has released Secret US embassy cables showing Arctic Council nations are racing to "carve up" Arctic resources like oil and gas, now accessible as the ice retreats. The Arctic Council member states are, Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. … [Read more...]

Last WWI veteran dies

There were over 70 million military personnel involved in the fighting in the First World War between 1914-18. The last of them, Claude Stanley Choules, died yesterday in Perth aged 110. Claude who served in the British Navy, was the last known veteran of the conflict still living. Mr … [Read more...]

Aircraft Carrier for sale online – Aircraft not included

The British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal has been put up for sale on the Ministry of Defence's auction website edisposals.com. Interested bidders are being invited to view Ark Royal at her home port, Portsmouth Naval Base, on 3 and 4 May, and final bids in by 13th June 2011. Before they can … [Read more...]