September 17, 2019

Vladimir Putin tries nice guy image – only for a limited time

With only a few weeks before Sochi Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing at being a nice guy. But before we get all excited - terms and conditions apply. Uncle Vladimir has released the rioting pussies from their prison a whole two months early from their two year sentence. Mikhail … [Read more...]

Russia warns Israel over attacking Iran

Military action against Iran would be a "very serious mistake fraught with unpredictable consequences", Russia's foreign minister has warned. Sergei Lavrov said diplomacy, not missile strikes, was the only way to solve the Iranian nuclear problem. His comments come after Israeli President … [Read more...]

Russian police discover 29 bodies in historian’s apartment

Russian police have discovered 29 mummified bodies in the apartment of historian, Anatoly Moskvin. Moskvin has always been open about his interest in the dead and eagerly described how he loved to rummage through cemeteries, studying grave stones to uncover the life stories behind them. What … [Read more...]

Harry Redknapp has heart surgery

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has undergone heart surgery, a procedure preventing the 64-year-old Englishman from traveling to Russia for a Europa football League match today. A spokesperson for The English Premier League side said overnight that after successfully having two stents … [Read more...]

Siberian province says it has “indisputable proof” of Yeti

A Russian region in Siberia says it has "indisputable proof" that its mountains are home to the Yeti. The local administration of the Kemerovo region in the south of Siberia said in a statement on its website that footprints and possibly even hair samples belonging to the yeti were found on the … [Read more...]

Baby swap mistake discovered after 12 years

Two Russian families are suing a hospital for five million rubles after they found out their daughters were swapped at birth 12 years ago. The families, who live in the Ural Mountains in western Russia, only found out when one of the fathers refused to pay child support for his daughter Irina … [Read more...]

UN says 2900 people killed in Syrian protests

The United Nations human rights office says the death toll in Syria since the pro-democracy demonstrations began in March is at more than 2,900 people. This is up 200 on their previous estimate. On Tuesday, the UN Security Council failed to agree a resolution on taking action against … [Read more...]

Russian finance minister forced to resign

Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has been forced to resign over a disagreement with President Dmitry Medvedev. Mr Kudrin said he would not serve in a new government next year if, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Mr Medvedev switch roles. Mr Medvedev told him to bug off and ordered him … [Read more...]

NASA short of astronauts

A new report on says Nasa does not have enough astronauts, even though the space shuttle programme has finished. The National Research Council, a non-profit group advising on science policy, said Nasa should increase the size of its space-flying crew. It said astronauts were needed to staff … [Read more...]

Top Russian ice hockey team wiped out in air crash

A chartered jet carrying Russia's major league ice hockey team Lokomotiv has crashed on take-off near the central city of Yaroslavl, killing 43 people. The team was heading to Belarus for the first match of the new season. Two people have survived the crash but with serious injuries. Russian … [Read more...]

Space freighter lost on mission to supply ISS

An unmanned space freighter launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, to re-supply the International Space Station (ISS) has been lost soon after launch. The Russian space agency said the Progress M-12M cargo ship was not placed in the correct orbit by its rocket and fell back to … [Read more...]

Russian plane crash lands on river – 5 dead

A Russian Antonov-24 passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing on the Ob river in Siberia on Monday, killing five people, with two still missing. President Dmitry Medvedev who has had to front up to a series of recent disasters acted decisively call for the Antonov-24 model plane to … [Read more...]

Russian tourist boat capsizes on the Volga River – 100 missing

A Tourist boat on the Volga River in Russia has capsized in bad weather and more than 100 people are missing and feared dead. The boat sank in a stetch of the river in the Tatarstan region, 750km east of Moscow. Dozens of people have been rescued from the water and the search continued into the … [Read more...]

Japan finds massive rare earth deposits on ocean floor

Japanese researchers claim to have discovered massive deposits of rare earth minerals, on the Pacific Ocean floor. Rare earth minerals are used in the manufacture of many hi-tech appliances. Currently China produces 97 percent of the world's rare earth metals. The team of geologists led by … [Read more...]

France confirms weapons drops to Libyan rebels

The French military has confirmed that weapons have been air-dropped to rebels fighting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's troops in Western Libya. Light arms, ammunition, rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles were sent to Berber tribal fighters in the Nafusa mountains in early June. "We began by … [Read more...]