August 22, 2019

Lost pyramids spotted by satellite

A satellite survey of Egypt has reveled seventeen lost pyramids as well as 1.000 tombs and 3,000 settlements. The satellite photos were using infra-red images which are able to show buildings and structures buried underground. Initial excavations have confirmed some of the findings including … [Read more...]

Amazon rainforest destruction in Brazil shows big increase

Data from Brazil's Space Research Institute shows that deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has increased by almost six times, in a year. New satellite images show deforestation has increased from 103 sq km in March and April 2010 to 593 sq km in the same period of 2011. Most of … [Read more...]

NASA Space probe proves Einstein correct

Gravity Probe B the NASA space probe launched in 2004 has produced evidence that some key consequences of Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity are correct. It has taken seven years for Gravity Probe B's data to be carefuly analysed by scientists before it was released. The … [Read more...]

NZ Christchurch earthquake mapped from space

Last months devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand has been mapped from space using new radar imagery. The shallow magnitude 6.3 tremor killed over 200 people and shattered a modern city just geting back on its feet after a 7.1 earthquake in September 2010. Data gathered by the … [Read more...]

Internet for Africa – Successful Satellite Launch

A new African regional communications satellite with the catchy name of Rascom-QAF1R has been succesfully launched. We are used to hearing stories of disease and dodgy dictators out of Africa, so it is good to be able to report something good happening. The satellite was blasted into orbit by … [Read more...]