November 16, 2018

NASA short of astronauts

A new report on says Nasa does not have enough astronauts, even though the space shuttle programme has finished. The National Research Council, a non-profit group advising on science policy, said Nasa should increase the size of its space-flying crew. It said astronauts were needed to staff … [Read more...]

NASA building giant airships

NASA's next big move following the end of the space shuttle program is a little closer to home with giant airships on the agenda. The US agency is building airships it believes will revolutionise the transport of cargo around the world, with its first prototype set to take off next year. "One … [Read more...]

Space freighter lost on mission to supply ISS

An unmanned space freighter launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, to re-supply the International Space Station (ISS) has been lost soon after launch. The Russian space agency said the Progress M-12M cargo ship was not placed in the correct orbit by its rocket and fell back to … [Read more...]

NASA announces final resting places for space shuttles

NASA has announced today where the four remaining space shuttles are going to be 'retired' too. Discovery and the shuttle programme's test vehicle Enterprise have been decommissioned. Endeavour blasts off on its 24th and final mission on 29th April. Atlantis is the last cab off the rank on 28th June … [Read more...]

‘Skylon’ space plane set to replace Space Shuttles

With the era of the Space Shuttles coming to an end this year, United Kingdom designers Reaction Engines Ltd are working on a revolutionary space plane to fill the void for short range space travel. NASA's space shuttle Discovery has just completed its final mission, and Endeavour and Atlantis … [Read more...]