September 23, 2019

ETA says armed campaign for Basque independence is over

The Basque separatist group ETA says it has called a "definitive cessation" to its campaign of bombings and shootings that have terrorised Spain for more than 40 years. In a statement ETA called on the Spanish and French governments to respond with "a process of direct dialogue". The … [Read more...]

EU leaders agree second Greece bailout package

European leaders have reached agreement on a second bailout package for Greece. They have also expanded their rescue funds to help shore up any other debt crises in the eurozone. European Union president Herman Van Rompuy said the rescue deal would be financed by both the EU and the International … [Read more...]

Stowaway found dead in plane landing gear

The body of a 23 year-old Cuban man has been found in the landing gear compartment of an Iberian Airlines plane at Madrid Airport. Spanish Police say the plane had just completed the nine hour flight from Havana, Cuba to Madrid. No details of the man's identity have been released yet and the … [Read more...]

Lost tourist hiker missing for 18 days found alive

Spanish police say missing Dutch tourist, Mary Anne Goossens has been found alive 18 days after she fell in a hole while walking in mountains in southern Spain. A group of mountaineers found the 48 year-old woman caught among boulders close to the source of the Chillar River outside the resort … [Read more...]

Portugal may need second financial bail-out

International credit ratings agency Moody's Investors Service has downgraded Portugal's debt to junk status and sounded a warning about its future borrowing. Moody's said there was a growing risk that Portugal would need a second bail-out before it was ready to borrow money from financial markets … [Read more...]

Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela and holds mass rally

President Hugo Chavez has returned to Venezuela and addressed a crowd of thousands at a rally in Caracas. He has been receiving medical treatment in Cuba for the last month for cancer after becoming ill on a State visit to Cuba. The crowds cheered as he waved the Venezuelan flag from his … [Read more...]

Amy Winehouse cancels European tour dates after Serbia meltdown

British singer Amy Winehouse has cancelled shows in Instanbul and Athens after getting booed in Belgrade for appearing to be too drunk to perform. A spokesman said Ms Winehouse would like to apologise to fans, but "feels that this is the right thing to do". Her spokesman added that Ms … [Read more...]

96 year-old Dutch lady confesses to 1946 murder

A 65 year-old murder mystery has been solved with the confession of a 96 year-old woman for the shooting of Construction magnate Felix Gulje in 1946. The mayor of Leiden, Henri Lenferink, said a woman has confessed to the killing, saying she did it because she believed that Gulje had collaborated … [Read more...]

Man hides in suitcase to ‘burgle’ coach passengers

Spanish police have arrested two men after breaking a burglary scam on the Barcelona Airport coaches. One of the men would put a suitcase containing the other man into the luggage compartment of Barcelona's Girona airport coaches. During the 90 minute round trip the man would raid coach … [Read more...]

Deadly E. Coli traced to German bean sprouts

A farm south of Hamburg, Germany has been identified as the most likely source of the deadly E. coli outbreak that has killed 22 people. The farm, produces bean sprouts, and is close to the highest concentration of the more than 2,000 reported E. Coli cases. German officials were awaiting … [Read more...]

E. Coli cases in Germany on the rise

The number of people in Germany infected by a deadly strain of E.Coli has risen sharply. Most of the 1,500 people infected are from Germany with Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, also affected. The death toll has risen to 17 from the strain of … [Read more...]

Infected cucumbers – 10 dead, hundreds sick

An oubreak of E.coli in Germany caused by infected cucumbers has killed at least 10 people with hundreds falling ill. The cucumbers, imported from Spain, were infected with a severe complication of E.coli called hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS). Most of the E.coli cases so far have been in the … [Read more...]

Top cyclist dies in freak accident

Spanish cyclist Xavier Tondo has died in a freak accident on Monday after he was crushed between his car and a garage door in southern Spain. Tondo, 32, was killed while trying to take his car out of the garage in a residential complex outside Granada. He got out of his car to try to get the … [Read more...]

Iceland volcano ash heading for Europe

The eruption of Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland has forced the closure of the airspace over Iceland and the ash is heading toward Europe. "There are no international flights in or out of Iceland at this time," Keflavik International Airport spokeswoman Hjordis Gudmunsdottir said. Just in case you … [Read more...]

Sea Shepherd entering Libya waters to stop tuna poachers

Two Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships will enter the waters off the coast of Libya, next month with the goal of intercepting bluefin tuna poachers and freeing any illegally caught fish in attempt to save the species from nearing extinction. The territorial waters off Libya are a declared a … [Read more...]