February 21, 2019

Posthumous Osama Bin Laden tape released by al-Qaeda

A 12 minute audio recording made by Osama Bin Laden shortly before he died has been released by al-Qaeda. In the message, he praises the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and speaks of a "rare historic opportunity" for Muslims to rise up. "I think that the winds of change will blow over the entire … [Read more...]

Ahmadinejad says Iran protests “going nowhere”

Iran President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the protests in Tehran and other cities are "going nowhere" and vowed to punish their leaders. Last time Newswarped heard they were going somewhere - to Azadi Square. Mr Ahmadinejad told state television that the organisers of the protests "just wanted … [Read more...]

New protests in Tehran stopped by security forces

In Iran, several thousand demonstrators have marched in downtown Tehran but were quickly dispersed by security forces. The wave of people marched along Revolution Avenue towards Azadi Square. The Iranian government had tried to prevent the march from happening and even went as far as blockading … [Read more...]

Afghan President Karzai admits funding from Iran

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has admitted receiving cash from Iran in a move that has got the United States nervous about Tehran's intentions in the area. With Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad going on rare foreign visits in the region primarily to thumb his nose at Israel, it signals a … [Read more...]