August 26, 2019

Texas wildfire destroys 500 homes

Firefighters in drought-stricken Texas are struggling to contain a 16-mile-wide wildfire near Bastrop, 30 miles south-east of Austin, that has destroyed almost 500 homes. Officials said the fire had "grown considerably" on Monday and was now burning on 25,000 acres. Texas Governor Rick Perry … [Read more...]

Polygamist church leader hospitalized in critical condition

Polygamist church leader Warren Jeffs has been hospitalized and is in critical but stable condition after not eating or drinking enough since his recent conviction on child sexual assault charges. Jeff's a leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ has reportedly been fasting in protest … [Read more...]

Rick Perry to seek Republican 2012 presidential nomination

Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to join the race to become the Republican presidential nominee for the 2012 election. Mr Perry is expected to announce his candidacy in Iowa on Saturday. A spokesman said Mr Perry would make his intentions "very clear". Rick is doing the Iowa thing as eight … [Read more...]

Skating rink shooting in Texas – six dead

A man has opened fire at a Texas roller skating rink during a birthday party for one of his children. He killed his estranged wife and four of her family members before turning the gun on himself. Police said that on Saturday, Tan Do, 35, and Trini Do, 29, were hosting the party at the Roller … [Read more...]

US mother gives birth to massive baby

A mother in Texas has given birth to a baby boy who turned out to be four pounds bigger than doctors were predicting. Janet Johnson from Longview, East Texas gave birth to JaMichael Brown last Friday night at the Good Shepherd Medical Centre in Longview. JaMichael weighed in at 16 pounds, 1 ounce … [Read more...]

Airline passenger gets stung by scorpion during flight

An airline passenger travelling to Anchorage on an Alaska Airlines flight got a nasty surprise when he was stung by a scorpion he found crawling up his sleeve. Jeff Ellis, from Oregon, was trying to sleep on the flight from Seatle when he felt something in his sleeve. He tried to brush it away … [Read more...]

Florida wildfire kills two forest rangers

Over 400 wildfires continue to blaze across Florida and one near the border with Georgia has claimed the lives of two forest rangers. The rangers - Josh Burch, 31, and Brett Fulton, 52 - had been trying contain a 12-acre blaze when the fire flared up and trapped them. Two others were injured … [Read more...]

Rave party in Texas leaves 1 dead, 25 in hospital

A 19-year-old man has died in Dallas, Texas after an overnight rave party ended in chao with 25 other people taken to hospital. The Dallas fire department said Sunday said rescuers responded to a series of 911 calls from the Electric Daisy Carnival event for emergencies related to drugs, alcohol … [Read more...]

Former Miss USA claims airport ‘pat down’ violation

Former Miss USA, Susie Castillo says she was sexually violated during an airport security search. She has started an internet campaign against security 'pat downs'. The 31 year-old former beauty queen (Miss USA 2003) says she felt "completely helpless" and "violated" during the pat-down search … [Read more...]

Twister storm brings death to the South

Dozens of tornadoes have ripped through six US Southern states, killing at least 248 people and destroying hundreds of buildings, in the worst twister outbreak in decades. When something like this happens, we should mobilize all possible resources from emergency services to storm damage tree … [Read more...]

Texas burning “from border to border”

Firefighters in the US state of Texas are battling to contain massive wildfires which have burned through more than a million acres in the last two weeks. Long-term drought, high temperatures and gusting winds have created ideal conditions for the fires to spread. One State official has … [Read more...]

Angry protests at BP annual meeting

BP faced an assortment of angry demonstrators at its first annual general meeting since the Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico oil spill. UK trade unionists and environmetalists were joined by fishermen from the United States to express anger at BP's handling of the Gulf oil spill. There were … [Read more...]

Zuckerburg hit with new Facebook lawsuit

Only a day after escaping the Winklevoss twins who had come back to the trough looking for more dosh, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg has been hit with another lawsuit. This time it is Paul Ceglia who put up the original $1000 when Facebook was being conceived. He claims he is entitled to 50 … [Read more...]

NASA announces final resting places for space shuttles

NASA has announced today where the four remaining space shuttles are going to be 'retired' too. Discovery and the shuttle programme's test vehicle Enterprise have been decommissioned. Endeavour blasts off on its 24th and final mission on 29th April. Atlantis is the last cab off the rank on 28th June … [Read more...]

Beauty Queen Domonique Ramirez sacked for weight gain

Miss San Antonio, Domonique Ramirez has been sacked forgaining weight and alledgedly breaking other pageant rules. The 17 year old Ramirez was crowned last April and was entitled to a shot at the upcoming Miss Texas beauty pageant. Pageant officials removed Ramirez as Miss San Antonio last month … [Read more...]