August 26, 2019

Bangkok floods – the worst is yet to come

Bangkok faces the highest flood levels yet and is preparing for the worst, according to Sukhumbhand Paripatra the governor of the Thai capital. Residents are urged to flee the rising floodwaters, which have already forced the closure of Bangkok's Don Muang airport and the evacuation of … [Read more...]

Mutant bird flu strain hits China and Vietnam

A deadly strain of avian ifluenza is on the march again. The United Nations, World Health Organization says the mutant strain - able to sidestep vaccines - could be spreading in Asia. The variant appeared in Vietnam and China and its risk to humans cannot be predicted, veterinary officials … [Read more...]

Thai report says pesticide ‘likely’ cause of tourist deaths

A Thai report has identified that a toxic chemical or pesticide is the most likely cause of New Zealand tourist Sarah Carter's death. Sarah Carter, 23, died, and her Kiwi friends Emma Langlands and Amanda Eliason became gravely ill while on holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in February. While the … [Read more...]

Shinawatra led opposition sweep to victory in Thailand elections

The party of exiled ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra which is now led by his sister Yingluck Shinawatra has won a massive victory in Thailand's general election. Provisional results show with 92% of votes counted, Ms Yingluck's Pheu Thai party had won 260 seats, giving it a majority in the … [Read more...]

Two NZ drug smugglers arrested in Japan

Two New Zealanders have been arrested at Narita airport in Japan for allegedly trafficking the drug Methamphetamine. A 26-year-old man and 25-year-old woman travelled to Tokyo on the 17th May on a Thai airways flight from Bangkok, Thailand. They were arrested after 1-2 kilograms of drugs were … [Read more...]

Four FIFA executive members accused by Lord Triesman cleared

The four Fifa executive committee members accused by former Football Association chairman Lord Triesman of asking for bribes in exchange for world cup hosting votes have been cleared. Lord Triesman, who ran the Football Association and its failed 2018 World Cup bid until last May, claimed that … [Read more...]

Thailand tourist deaths – toxin found in hotel

A toxin used in an insecticide spray at a Chiang Mai Hotel may be behind the deaths of six tourists and a tour guide in Thailand in recent months. A 60 Minutes investigation into the death of New Zealander Sarah Carter has found the Downtown Inn hotel was using a spray with a potentially lethal … [Read more...]

Thousands flee to Thailand following Myanmar clashes

About 10,000 people have fled from Myanmar into Thailand to escape fighting between Myanmar government forces and a splinter group of rebels of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army. The fighting was related to the election in which voting finished on Sunday, but not in a straight forward way. … [Read more...]