August 26, 2019

NZ fisherman lands 305kg Blue Fin Tuna

A fisherman from New Zealand has landed a monster bluefin tuna worth up to $80,000 Japan while fishing off a charter boat off the West Coast of the South Island. Jeremy Walker from Te Awamutu landed the 305.8kg fish at 2.00am on Sunday morning with the help of the other four men onboard. "I've … [Read more...]

Two NZ drug smugglers arrested in Japan

Two New Zealanders have been arrested at Narita airport in Japan for allegedly trafficking the drug Methamphetamine. A 26-year-old man and 25-year-old woman travelled to Tokyo on the 17th May on a Thai airways flight from Bangkok, Thailand. They were arrested after 1-2 kilograms of drugs were … [Read more...]

Swedish couples honeymoon hits six natural disasters

Swedish couple Stefan and Erika Svanstrom with their baby daughter in tow, set off on their four month long honeymoon in 6th December 2010. By the time the Stockholm family got to Munich, Germany they were stranded in one of Europes worst snowstorms in living memory. After that, Stefan says, … [Read more...]

Tsunami-stranded porpoise found inland in Japan

Rescuers in Japan have returned a stranded baby porpoise to the sea after it was found splashing in an inland rice paddy where it was washed up earlier this month by the massive tsunami that hit Japan. A passer-by spotted the metre-long finless porpoise Tuesday inland, around 2km from shore, and … [Read more...]

Tsunami hits Japan following 7.9 earthquake

Japanese television has shown major tsunami damage in northern Japan following a 7.9 magnitude earthquake off its northeastern coast. The earthquake has now been upgraded to 8.9 on the Richter scale. There has been massive damage and loss of life has been significant. AL JAZEERA LIVE LINK AT … [Read more...]

Petition against killing dolphins delivered as hunt gets underway in Japan

Ric O'Barry the star of the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove - about the Japanese town of Taiji that slaughters dolphins - has delivered a petition to the US Embassy in Tokyo demanding an end to the annual dolphin hunt. The petition was signed by over 1.7 million people from 155 nations and … [Read more...]