November 16, 2018

Posthumous Osama Bin Laden tape released by al-Qaeda

A 12 minute audio recording made by Osama Bin Laden shortly before he died has been released by al-Qaeda. In the message, he praises the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and speaks of a "rare historic opportunity" for Muslims to rise up. "I think that the winds of change will blow over the entire … [Read more...]

Pornography among items seized in Bin Laden raid

The propaganda war over the assassination of Osama Bin Laden heated up today with the revelation from US officials that a stash of pornography was among the items seized by US Navy SEALS in the 2nd May raid. The officials are at pains to point out that it is unclear who the material belonged to … [Read more...]

Taliban bomb attack in Pakistan kills 80

Twin suicide bomb attacks on a paramilitary force academy in north-west Pakistan have killed at least 80 people, Pakistani police say. The Pakistan Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack at the training centre for the Frontier Constabulary in Shabqadar, Charsadda district. They … [Read more...]

Osama Bin Laden was unarmed when shot says White House

The White House has said that Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was unarmed when he was killed by US Navy SEALS on Sunday after resisting capture, the White House has said. Trying to feed the insatiable media desire for details about the US military raid that killed Bin Laden has led to rushed … [Read more...]

Internet blunder reveals nuclear sub secrets

The UK Ministry of Defence has admitted that secret information about the Britains nuclear submarines was made available on the internet by mistake. A publishing technical error meant that blacked out parts of an online MoD report could be read by pasting into another document. The information … [Read more...]

US Navy laser sets boat on fire – video

The US Navy has fired a high-energy laser gun from one of its ships for the first time, setting a target boat on fire. Scientists from the Office of Naval Research, conducted the test using a high-energy laser (HEL) off the coast of California.The laser targeted the boats outboard motors piercing … [Read more...]

American hostages killed by pirates

All four crew on the American yacht the Quest which was captured by pirates off Oman last Friday have been killed by their captors. The yachts owners Jean and Scott Adam and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle were found shot after U.S. forces boarded the vessel following a brief firefight. The Quest … [Read more...]

Somali Pirate jailed for 33 years in US

Somali pirate Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse has been sentenced to 33 years in prison after pleading guilty to piracy in a US court in New York. Muse was the only survivor of a band of pirates who attacked the Maersk Alabama merchant ship off Somalia's coast in April 2009. He was captured by the US … [Read more...]