June 25, 2019

Vladimir Putin tries nice guy image – only for a limited time

With only a few weeks before Sochi Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing at being a nice guy. But before we get all excited - terms and conditions apply. Uncle Vladimir has released the rioting pussies from their prison a whole two months early from their two year sentence. Mikhail … [Read more...]

Russian finance minister forced to resign

Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has been forced to resign over a disagreement with President Dmitry Medvedev. Mr Kudrin said he would not serve in a new government next year if, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Mr Medvedev switch roles. Mr Medvedev told him to bug off and ordered him … [Read more...]

United Nations pulling out of Tripoli after mob attack

The United Nations is withdrawing all its international staff from Tripoli following a mob attack on its offices in the Libyan capital. There appeared to be spontaneous demonstrations against foreigners following reports that Colonel Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Arab Gaddafi and three of his children … [Read more...]

Putin wants more babies

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced plans to reverse Russia's declining population. In a major speech in the Duma, that was broadcast live to the nation, Putin says the government is going to spend $53 billion on initiatives to raise the birth rate and increase life … [Read more...]

Medvedev says Putin Libya “crusade” comment “unacceptable”

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's description of the UN resolution on Libya saying it resembled "medieval calls for crusades," is "unacceptable." Russia abstained from the vote on the United Nations Security Council resolution, to establish a no-fly zone in … [Read more...]

Chechen leader promises Russia “year of blood and tears”

Doku Umarov (no relation to Count Dooku from Star Wars) has posted a message on a website that vows to deliver "a year of blood and tears" to Russia. He said there were dozens of rebels prepared to carry out attacks. "I won't tell you there are hundreds of us prepared for jihad. But 50 or 60, God … [Read more...]

Mikhail Khodorkovsky jailed for six more years

Former oil tycoon billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, has been sentenced to six more years in prison for fraud in what many see as a Christmas present from Uncle Vladimir. Khodorkovsky 47, who was once Russia's richest man, had been due to be released from prison next year but now will be forced to … [Read more...]

Putin puts Anna Chapman in charge of United Russia youth

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has appointed Anna Chapman as the leader of his United Russia Party, youth wing. The failed spy who has been working as a magazine model and banking advisor since being expelled from the United States has been appointed at a congress of Molodaya Gvardiya … [Read more...]

FIFA World Cup hosting to Russia and Qatar- How Bizarre?

FIFA has awarded the 2018 Football World Cup to Russia, in what was a predictable result, respite late optimism from England. It is the 2022 World Cup hosting rights though that have sent shockwaves around the footballing world with Qatar being awarded the rights. New Zealand band Otara … [Read more...]

Medvedev wants to reward big families

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has promoted the idea of rewarding larger families as a way of building up Russia's declining birth rate. In his annual speech to the nation Medvedev also talked about Russia being part of the European missile defence system otherwise a new arms race might start. … [Read more...]

Anna Chapman Maxim Photo shoot tribute to James Bond

Russian spy Anna Chapman's latest photo shoot with Russian magazine Maxim has taken her global profile to another level. Ever since the Russian spy was deported form the United States in July she has managed to become an international celebrity. Facebook photos of her online were picked up by the … [Read more...]

Brazil Elections: Rousseff set to win Presidency

Brazilian voters headed to the polls Sunday and look set to elect their first female President. Former Marxist guerrilla Dilma Rousseff is leading the polls in a general election that spans across all levels of government, from the presidency to local offices. About 135 million Brazillians are … [Read more...]

Russian PM Putin chases a whale with crossbow

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has had his photo taken chasing a whale with a crossbow. Putin has not taken up amateur whaling though, the crossbow fired a dart that collects a skin sample from the whale that helps scientists find out where it has come from. Newswarped thinks that … [Read more...]

Russian Wildfires and Heatwave double Moscow death rate

Moscow's health chief Andrei Seltsovsky has confirmed the mortality rate in the capital has doubled as a heatwave and wildfire smog continue to grip the city. "There were twice the usual number of bodies in the city's morgues" he told reporters, and that "deaths had almost doubled to 700 daily, … [Read more...]