August 26, 2019

Florida wildfire kills two forest rangers

Over 400 wildfires continue to blaze across Florida and one near the border with Georgia has claimed the lives of two forest rangers. The rangers - Josh Burch, 31, and Brett Fulton, 52 - had been trying contain a 12-acre blaze when the fire flared up and trapped them. Two others were injured … [Read more...]

Canadian wildfires – thousands evacuated

Officials in Alberta, Canada are struggling to contain dozens of wildfires burning across the province. Hundreds of homes have been desroyed and thousands of people have been forced form their homes. A large part of the Alberta's oil production has been forced to shut down as unpredictable winds … [Read more...]

Texas burning “from border to border”

Firefighters in the US state of Texas are battling to contain massive wildfires which have burned through more than a million acres in the last two weeks. Long-term drought, high temperatures and gusting winds have created ideal conditions for the fires to spread. One State official has … [Read more...]