November 16, 2018

Death toll from tainted US melons rises to 13

At least 13 people have died and 72 others badly ill from the listeriosis outbreak in the United States. Listeria contamination of cantaloupe melons grown in Colorado has been reported in 18 other states. Four people have died in New Mexico, two in Colorado, two in Texas and one each in … [Read more...]

Teens badly injured in Brown Bear attack in Alaska

A group of teenagers participating in a survival skills course in the Alaskan wilderness have been attacked by brown bear and her cub. Two of the boys ahve suffered life-threatening injuries and two more are serious but stable. A further three boys suffered minor injuries and exposure … [Read more...]

US nuclear missiles go offline with computer glitch

A computer hardware malfunction has taken 50 nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles off-line for 45 minutes. Apparently President Barack Obama has been briefed about the suspected hardware glitch. No US President likes to push the big red button and get an error messsage. An official, … [Read more...]