February 22, 2019

Flash Mob raids Maryland 7-Eleven store

A "flash mob" of at least 28 teenagers has robbed a 7-Eleven store in Germantown, Maryland. Police say the raid was organised on the internet and took place in the early hours of Saturday morning. At 1.47am in less than a minute the store filled up with teenagers who helped themselves to … [Read more...]

Returning US soldiers charged $2800 bag fee by airline

Delta Airlines has been forced to change their excess baggage policy after two US soldiers went online and complained about their unit being charged $2800 in bag fees by Delta upon returning from Afghanistan. Delta now say that US military personnel traveling on orders can check in more bags for … [Read more...]

Woman arrested in Saudi Arabia for driving a car

Religious police in Saudi Arabia have arrested Manal al-Sherif, a Saudi woman for driving a car in the eastern city of Khobar. Al-Sherif had posted a video of herself driving a car on Facebook and YouTube as part of a protest against women being banned from drivinging in Saudi Arabia. Manal … [Read more...]

Kim Duthie apologises to St Kilda players in nude photo scandal

Kim Duthie has finally apologised to St Kilda AFL stars Nick Riewoldt, Nick Dal Santo and Zac Dawson, for releasing nude photos via Facebook last year. Kim Duthie appears on YouTube reading a statement saying she "could not imagine the grief she has caused the players". She said that, after … [Read more...]

Tammy Banovac Strips down for Oklahoma Airport Security

Tammy Banovac sat in a wheel chair wearing only her underwear and a poodle. The security officers at Oklahoma City Airport didn't really know how to handle it. When faced with such dilemmas security men revert to type and won't let someone through who is not behaving like everyone else. Tammy … [Read more...]